U.S. Tax Services

Assessing your tax exposure, creating effective strategies and filing appropriate returns.

Catalyst is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm; providing accounting, assurance, taxation, financial planning, wealth management and corporate advisory services. The Catalyst partners and staff are focused on developing and maintaining deep relationships with clients, utilizing a team approach in the delivery of this wide array of value-adding professional services.

Experienced professionals.

At Catalyst, our tax team keeps current on tax developments in Canada and the U.S. and we have extensive capabilities in the area of foreign reporting. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to assess your tax exposure, create effective strategies and file appropriate returns.

Avoid Unexpected Hassles.

The U.S. and Canadian cross-border filing requirements are always subject to change and taxpayer compliance is easily monitored with modern day technology and communication between the two governments. Before you make any decisions about your cross border activities, let us share our experience and help show you the way. Penalties for non-compliance with tax rules can be severe and we can help eliminate potential hassle down the road.

Providing Effective Strategies.

We provide effective strategies for your U.S. tax needs in a number of areas:

  • U.S. personal, corporate, partnership, estates and trust return preparation.
  • Departure and arrival counseling for mobile employees, inpats and expats, including tax equalization.
  • Calculations and cross-border payroll consulting.
  • Tax strategies and advice on U.S. citizenship renunciation and green card relinquishment.
  • Tax strategies and advice on management, preparation and review of various delinquent returns filed under the IRS’s voluntary disclosure and streamlined filing initiatives.

Managing your Tax Liability

With a different tax jurisdiction for every U.S. state and the extensive federal tax requirements, companies planning to expand into the US market or currently operating there need effective tax strategies that will help manage the overall U.S. and Canadian tax liability.

Are you thinking of entering the U.S. markets?

We can:

  • Advise on the most effective tax structure.
  • Help you choose the type of capitalization that is most beneficial: debt, equity or a combination.
  • Provide advice on doing business in the various U.S. states.
  • Provide advice on ownership of U.S. real estate by Canadians.

Are you already doing business in the U.S.?

For clients already doing business in the U.S., we regularly review U.S. business results and provide advice to ensure compliance with the required U.S. federal and state tax reporting requirements.

Seeking greater opportunities in the U.S. Markets?

For many Canadian companies, greater opportunities lead them to markets in the U.S., often creating the need for creative tax strategies. At Catalyst, we strongly recommend that an efficient U.S. tax strategy is developed before venturing into the U.S. market. Our experienced U.S. Corporate Tax professionals can guide you through all the challenges of this complex situation.

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