Client Service Areas

Agribusiness Services

Agribusiness 2014At Catalyst, we understand the agricultural industry is a key component to the stability and growth of our local and national economy. For over 35 years we have been providing agribusiness services to clients, allowing us to develop a deep understanding of the critical issues facing the industry today.

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Energy & Oilfield Services

Energy and Oilfield ServicesThe energy & oilfield services industry poses many opportunities and challenges for business owners.

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Professionals - Advisory Services

New Professionals General 2014At Catalyst, we understand first-hand what it's like to run a professional service firm. We have experience serving professionals including: dentists, physicians, engineers, lawyers and others. With this depth of knowledge and experience, we are able to deliver tailored services that strategically address your individual practice needs.

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Construction Industry Services

constructionProfitCrew is an association of independently owned accounting and consulting firms with a passion for addressing the issues that affect the construction world. Construction companies and contractors have become a large part of our client base over the years and our professionals specializing in this area are dedicated to constantly improving their skills, knowledge and experience in this industry.

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U.S. Tax Services

U.S. Tax Services - 2014At Catalyst, our tax team keeps current on tax developments in Canada and the U.S. and we have extensive capabilities in the area of foreign reporting.  Our in-depth knowledge allows us to assess your tax exposure, create effective strategies and file appropriate returns.

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Finance & Banking Advisory Services

Finance  Banking Advisory Services 2014As an entrepreneur, having a cost-effective and flexible financing structure is a key to successfully growing your business and maximizing cah flow. At Catalyst, we understand the importance of this and know how to make sure you get wheat you need in regards to financing.

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Dealership Services

Dealership Services 2014

How would you like to be able to: identify areas of risk in your dealership operations, be confident that policies and procedures are being correctly followed, identify opportunities on how your dealership can be more profitable and operate more effectively and efficiently and receive best practice ideas on internal controls and operations of your dealership?

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Corporate Executive Services

Corporate Executive Services 2014

Never before have Corporate Executives had to spend so much time and energy finding ways to enhance the long-term prospects of their companies and to reward their shareholders.  The Catalyst Wealth Advisory Process for Corporate Executives is a simple and highly personalized approach designed to provide Corporate Executives with on-going peace of mind that their personal, professional and financial life is in order and on track: helping them to achieve their goals and allowing them to focus their time on other priorities, like the management of your organization.

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Real Estate Advisory Services

Real Estate Services 2014Catalyst advises owners of real estate in the acquisition, development (as a principal or via joint venture), management, and divestiture of this class of assets. From raw land through to terminal use, we assist clients in achieving their real estate related goals. In addition to advisory services, our qualified and experienced team of professionals can provide support in the critical areas of accounting, financial reporting and taxation.

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Business Succession Planning

Business Sucession Planning 2014Surveys and studies on Succession Planning suggest that although many business owners plan to exit their business in the not too distant future, very few have committed to a structured planning process to increase chances of transition success.

Succession Planning is about making the best available choices from all available alternatives. To achieve success in this regard requires a commitment to identify alternatives, make choices, and implement plans to achieve the predetermined goals and objectives of all involved.

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Litigation Support Services

Litigation 2014Catalyst's Corporate Advisory Services group provides comprehensive litigation support services to clients and legal counsel that are involved in dispute situations, which may include marital disputes, divorce and family law purposes, shareholder and partner disputes, economic damages (i.e. lost profits), insurance claims (i.e. business interruption), minority shareholder oppression, or taxation and capital gain purposes.

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Deep Client Relationships. Expertise. Exceptional Service.

mission 03We are a professional firm of business advisors, accountants and support staff dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their business and financial goals. We succeed through the efforts of firm members responding to the specific needs of each client and the broader communities in which we live.